FFA competition Events

Leadership Development Events (LDE)

LDE focus is on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in ag science classrooms. Click “HERE” for more info.

Career Development Events (CDE)

CDE’s are based on what is learned in class and encourages members to put their knowledge to practice. These events help a member prepare for a career in agriculture by testing and challenging the student's technical, leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. More information may be found “HERE”.

Speaking Development Events (SDE)

SDE develops the ability of all FFA members to express themselves on a given subject. Students are encouraged to develop their communication skills and learn to formulate their remarks for presentation in a variety of situations. Find out more info “HERE”