Kiowa Pride Academic Scholarship Foundation

PO Box 348

Booker, TX 79005



          This Foundation proportionately supports the further education of all graduating seniors of BHS who makes an A or B in high school.   They presently cover two years of college or of any other post-secondary education program or training.  A little over $100,000 has been awarded in the first eight years of the Foundation to 191 graduates with about one third going unclaimed probably because of the relatively small amount per student.  We are investing about a fourth of the funds to increase its size but want to raise more money to allow larger distributions.

          We individuals have in the past supported the Beulah Peery Memorial Scholarship Fund administered by FirstBank Southwest.  It grants awards to a few graduates each year for four years and remains a worthy recipient of your donations.  We are instead raising funds for the Kiowa Pride Foundation because it supports more graduates and has the potential to grant more money.

          If you would be interested in helping, your gifts mailed to the above address will be income tax deductible.  Those of you with required minimum distributions from IRA funds have an additional avenue to take advantage of current tax law.  It provides for a standard deduction of $12,000 for each taxpayer, and charitable, mortgage interest and other itemized deductions will not be deductible if they total less than $12,000 a taxpayer.  However, IRA distributions directed by one 70.5 years or older (whether from required minimum distributions or not) to qualified charities (up to $100,000 a year) are not included in the taxable income of the taxpayer and do not reduce the $12,000 standard deduction a taxpayer.  Other retirement funds are not eligible for this charitable advantage but probably could be rolled over without incurring income tax into an IRA.

          We list our telephone numbers below (806 area code for each) and would welcome questions from any of you.


Directors of the Foundation


Matt Bartosiewicz     Keith Fronk      Creed Hoover    Monty James.  Otis Shearer

658-4545                   658-4565          658-2251           658-4600         658-2296